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Planning a successful event involves many moving parts, so having insurance can help to cover the associated risks – including cancellation, accidents and property damage.

Hiscox provide specialist event insurance for a range of occasions – whether it’s a one‐off charity fete or a global multi‐event conference series.

Whether a guest becomes injured tripping on a wire, or you face postponement due to a venue closure, Hiscox event insurance assists with safeguarding organisers against the unexpected.

Why choose Hiscox for event insurance?
1. More than 30 years’ experience ‐ We provide event insurance cover you can trust ‐ with over 30 years’ experience, we’ve insured all types of events
2. Fast, flexible cover ‐ Whether your event is a one‐off, or a multi‐event series, you can design your insurance specifically to your requirements in minutes
3. Expert knowledge ‐ As members of the AEO, ABPCO, IAPCO and MIA we have expert understanding of the challenges facing event organisers

Who we cover
You might be a charity arranging a special one‐off event, the organiser of a local craft fair or the host of a global conference. No matter the size of what you’re planning, Hiscox can safeguard both large scale exhibitions and small fundraisers.

If you’re planning an event, we can help you to build insurance to cover the particulars of your programme.

Conference insurance
Your event may need to be cancelled or postponed for many reasons from failure of utilities, fire, flood at the venue to terrorism or any number of circumstances beyond your control ‐ this can result in expense that cannot be recovered or loss of profit. A liability claim could be brought against you if
something goes wrong at a conference you’ve organised, injury to a delegate or damage to the venue. Many venues may even require an event organiser to hold public liability insurance before engaging in a contract to safeguard their position.

Exhibition insurance
Exhibitions can range from a global event to a small, local trade fair – no matter the size, insurance can help with unexpected occurrences. Whether there is a fire at the venue or crucial items are damaged during unloading, cover can be the difference between making a profit and making a loss.

Exhibitor insurance
As an exhibitor you’ll no doubt invest significant time and money to ensure you make your products stand out from the crowd. Whether something falls from your stand, injuring an event guest, or the venue cancels at the last minute, insurance may help ensure your investment isn’t lost and you’re
covered for liabilities.

Special event insurance

If you’re the organiser of a one‐time music festival, comedy event or a small fete you might be considering insurance to cover cancellation, disruption, property damage, and liabilities. Even the best laid plans can go awry. If you’re holding a special event, we can help you build the cover to
meet your needs.

Public liability insurance for events

As an event organiser, you may find that many venues require organisers to hold public liability insurance within their terms of hire. You could face legal claims for accidental injury to attendees or for damage to the venue or a delegate’s property that you may find comfort in being protected

Charity events

Fundraising events are a large part of the work charities do – and each charity operates in a different way, so tailored cover could prove helpful. Charity event insurance covers a range of fundraising events, from the small and local, to the huge and international ‐ helping ensure your organisation
has protection in place.

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