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Delicious, honest food… Beautifully crafted for events.

At Smart we’re driven by creating memorable, delicious catering experiences that are each crafted and tailored to the style, budget and needs of our clients.

We provide catering at some of the most exciting and unique venues, major sporting and cultural events, corporate and private functions. Working alongside our Creative Director and renowned chef, Angela Hartnett, we have delivered exceptional food to royalty, global leaders, major corporate clients, athletes and celebrities.

So, whether you’re looking for a creative menu to be the focal point of your event, or one that blends effortlessly with your theming or venue space, Smart will work with you to design outstanding dishes and service options to inspire your guests.

We have a very straightforward approach to food; select the best seasonal ingredients and use them to create fresh, vibrant, modern dishes. Sourced from sustainable and artisan suppliers, our food is local, honest, and most of all, delicious.

Whether preparing elegant party canapés, Michelin star precision for thousands at an exclusive dinner or eclectic street food stalls for an outdoor event, Smart’s passionate and creative team of chefs will deliver food that your guests will simply love.

Smart’s Creative Director and renowned Michelin-starred chef, Angela Hartnett, works closely with our team of chefs and operators to bring her exceptional menus to the events sector. Our range of Smart by Angela Hartnett packages offer clients the opportunity to taste some of her signature dishes, through to having Angela present at the event, preparing dishes in person and interacting with guests.

Angela doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. Her simple, forthright approach to dishes of taking few ingredients, in season and in peak condition, and bringing them together with the minimum of fuss has won her many plaudits. This approach is consistent whether the dish is being served in one of her restaurants, or at a stunning Smart-catered event. To have the confidence to serve simple food with very few ingredients is rare; and Angela’s impact on what we do is evident in the quality of what we serve.