LED Screen

Sponsored by Anna Valley

Since our formation over 25 years ago, we have continued to exploit our passion for technology and have expanded to a multi-platform organisation offering services beyond the normal AV rental experience.

Our approach to our inventory, is considered and meticulously researched and only once a fully customised Factory Acceptance test has been performed with every piece of equipment, can it be accepted on to our hire fleet.

Utilising current technologies, we have explored new pinnacles of what these tools can achieve and have harnessed our understanding of systems integration and image manipulation to deliver spectacular results.

Our Media Server division can operate simple procedures such as ultra high-resolution playback and complex projection mapping; we’ve even made physical grass grow using unique video mapping techniques.

Our displays range from 2.5mm – 30mm LED products, to 6k – 21k Panasonic and Christie projectors to large screen HD displays and 4K screens.

For acquisitions we have our HD PPU’s, which can support both industrial and broadcast camera channels, recording onto any format you wish to choose.

Anna Valley has a highly-regarded reputation as a video display company, but we supply so much more:

Our audio division carries the latest D&B speaker systems, Yamaha digital audio mixers and associated outboard equipment. Microphones range from the famous Shure SM58 to racks of Sennheiser radio mics, (in various combinations) and our stock allows us the ability to cater for conferences, musical performances and broadcast.

Anna Valley is the foremost supplier of displays to the television programing market. This achievement has allowed us to understand this industry and develop a highly successful studios installation division, which to date has allowed us to design, install and maintain broadcast facilities around the globe.

Our newly formed WebCasting desk can arrange transmission facilities globally, either from a serviced environment of via our specifically designed fly pack.

Other companies can replicate our inventory, but none can provide the technical excellence of our project managers and technicians, who work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional experience.