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BI WORLDWIDE is a global performance improvement agency offering event management, employee engagement and reward and recognition programmes.

Applying the principles of behavioural economics to each bespoke client programme, product launch, employee conference, top performer incentive or other event, BI WORLDWIDE delivers results. Each bespoke strategy helps clients translate their brand goals into actionable services that influence perceptions, change behaviour and improve performance.

Having travelled millions of miles to more than 65 countries, BI WORLDWIDE draws upon decades of event management experience to ensure thousands of clients’ employees and channel partners are captivated, celebrated and inspired each year.

One-stop Service

Each client is assigned a single point of contact to deliver continuity throughout all programme aspects: event design, project and budget management, communications, delegate registration, aviation, ticketing, on-site staffing, post-event research and briefings.

BI WORLDWIDE handles the coordination, the legwork and all of the details, so clients can focus their time, energy and efforts where they matter most.

Buying Power

Volume discounts and repeat business gives the necessary clout to negotiate best price and availability. BI WORLDWIDE has long established partnerships across the globe.


BI WORLDWIDE’s extensive global network of partners are rated on their delivery after each event to ensure a continuous improvement of service and to deliver the best events and value to our clients.